Review of Songs of Water at Music City Roots by Craig Havighurst

31 July 2014

“Songs of Water came next with their global perspective and wild collection of instruments and timbres. Some tunes had strong Eastern/Persian influences, as with the set opening instrumental “Luminitsa.” Others had Celtic or Appalachian overtones, especially when the hammered dulcimer (by more-or-less leader Stephen Roach) and fiddle (the dazzling Elisa Cox) worked together. Michael Pritchard offered expert and varied percussion from the back, which is critical to keep this kind of music grounded and moving. The final tune “Everything That Rises” was a real masterwork with passages, key shifts, flow and gorgeous dynamics. Multi-instrumentalist Luke Skaggs has rather accomplished parents named Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White, who watched on with pride from the crowd.”

You can view the archive of the performance at this link here .